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Welcome, below are the Technical Guidelines detailing the technical and safety requirements for vehicles and rules covering the participation. The highlighted sections indicate any changes from the last year’s technical guidelines document for the returning participants. It is important to read all the document to familiarise oneself with all details.

Additionally, a Scrutineering Checklist is available to perform a self-precheck of the vehicle prior to the official scrutineering event taking place as advised in the programme.

Apply to the event as a participant via the link below by filling all the necessary details as required on the online document. Additional information of vehicle homologation certification, race history, and driver participation in other events can be sent via email. This information will be used to communicate any additional info and updates as issued via a WhatsApp group and email.

Any requests for additional information, and questions of verification / clarification may be sent to our technical team dedicated email address.

An appropriate Racing License and a Medical Certification are obligatory for the participating Race Drivers. More detailed information can be given via email.

Foreign Participants will be given additional details regarding accommodation / hosting / travel / transportation help we can offer to smooth the journeys pre and post the event.

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