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The Press Conference

Salini Resort, 12th September 2023

A press conference launching this year’s edition of the Malta Classic, was held this morning at the Salini Resort, in Salina Bay.

The Malta Classic is a four-day classic car and lifestyle event celebrating vintage style and will be held between the 5th and 8th October 2023, in Mtahleb, Sa Maison and around the fortifications of Mdina and outskirts of Mtarfa. This year’s edition will welcome over 70 cars from the local and international scene.

Ms Pamela Said, Operations Director Malta Classic, outlined the programme of events that will commence with the Mtahleb Hillclimb by Handson on the 5th, the Style and Elegance at the Marina di Valletta by Mdina Glass on the 6th and the Mdina Grand Prix fuelled by Enemed on the 7th and 8th of October. Ms Said gave a sneak preview of the exclusive vehicles that will be present in this year’s edition and which will include a Ferrari Dino 206, Ferrari Testarossa 250, a Lancia Aurelia B20, a Fiat Coppa d’ Oro, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint and many more. More details of participating vehicles will be shared on Malta Classic’s socials in the coming weeks.

The Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation. Hon. Clifton Grima welcomed this year’s edition noting that the absence of such an event, primarily due to Covid in the past years left a gap in the yearly calendar of such activities and reiterated the support of his Ministry to continue and support this event on a yearly basis. Minister Grima outlined the importance of such events that help stimulate the sports tourism niche, which is an area of focus of his Ministry that collaborates continuously with the Ministry for Tourism to promote this segment. Minister Grima also welcomed the work done by the Organising Committee and Local Councils to ensure that while the event is carried out in a satisfactory manner, the concerns of residents in the area are also kept under consideration.

The Salini Resort Director, Mr Philippe Lonfat, welcomed the hosting of foreign Malta Classic Participants and confirmed the support for the event in the coming years. Salini Resort works tirelessly to host Sport contingencies and delegations as part of its contribution to Sports and Culture since it believes that this Tourism niche is an important contributor to the Tourism product.

Mr Kevin Chircop, Enemed Executive Chairman said that Enemed is thrilled to resume its partnership with Malta Classic, particularly since such an event is considered an event that sets the standard for other motorsport activities. He also highlighted the importance of retaining such events in view that in the not-too-distant future, such an event will be the only way of seeing such prestigious vehicles in person due to the transition to other forms of vehicular transportation.

MTA Chairman Gavin Gulia said: “The Malta Tourism Authority is proud to support the Malta Classic by marketing it in many countries abroad. It has successfully evolved into one of the most popular events throughout the years, and has a particular lure to it as it combines history with sports, the old and the new, attracting old and young alike, the rich and the less affluent, whilst at the same time elevating tiny Malta to international levels.”

Dr Gulia added that the event will not only highlight the Sports Tourism niche but also contribute to the tourism product by showcasing the historical and cultural elements of Malta.

Special thanks goes to the Ministry for Education and Sport, Ministry for Tourism, and Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure for their invaluable support and assistance, the local councils and residents of Mdina, Mtarfa and Rabat, the Malta Police Force, the large number of local and foreign marshals that give their time on a voluntary basis to help out in the event, the Malta Motorsport Federation, Island Car Club, Old Motors Club, FMVA and other motorsport Clubs that contribute to the running of the event, and all the participants of the Malta Classic for their continuous support over the years.

With the support of Mdina Local Council, Kunsill Lokali Rabat Malta and Mtarfa Local Council with whom without their support this event would not have been held this year.

See you on the 5th October for the start of the Malta Classic.

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