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Malta Classic's iconic Grand Prix returns for its 13th edition to host the exhilarating races outside Mdina’s fortified walls. On Saturday, Cars are put to the test on a track of tight bends, sweeping curves and inclines that wind their way through a valley of vineyards and terraced hills. This gripping day comes to a close with timed drives, determining the starting order of Sunday’s Mdina Grand Prix. The 8th October presents the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled experience for both drivers and spectators alike. Categorized by speed, power and era, the World’s most iconic and sought-after cars take to the circuit in a thrilling race to the finish line, as the unforgiving nature of the Malta Classic circuit brings out the very best of performance by both drivers and their classic racing automobiles.

Paddock tickets will give you access to the racing paddock, where you will be able to view the cars up close, take pictures and speak to the drivers. The VIP Area is a selected area located in the Tomba Gardens, above the paddock. Guests will be served free flowing water and coffees as well as finger food. Grandstand access is also given to VIP guests which is easily reached via our dedicated shuttle bus. VIP tickets also grant access to the racing paddock. The Grandstand is an elevated stand situated at the end of the starting grid, where guests can enjoy the race from a different angle and see the action happening at the first corner. You can access it via our dedicated shuttle bus that will circulate along the following this route: from Grandstand to Roman Villa to Saqqajja to Olive Gardens to Grandstand.

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